Mina's Story
Here she is 3 weeks old  with her Mum Minnie
5 weeks old
This is quite an important photo as in retrospect we can see that at 5  weeks Mina had a roach coming as she was a singleton puppy we had no comparison to litter mates but it was pointed out to us  when we showed a very established knowledgeable breeder on video that this roach at this age was a clue to a problem we did not spot
3 weeks old
Oblivious to  her coming problem her she is at 9 weeks eating ,standing normally we were so happy with her ,she looked very promising she was small but she had such promise
Here again outside normal full of fun
11 weeks and over 4 days she lost all control of her back legs
Xray revealed Hemivertebrae we sent off her mums xrays  taken at the time of C section and sure enough there they were quite bad on her mums spine,devastated is hardly a fitting word  to describe my feelings after all my careful breeding and trying to tell people about this condition I have bred one myself!

Here she is sitting down , she could struggle to get up and at no point was she ever incontinent ,we just took it day by day  and unbelivably my son James said when he saw her ',Mum if you want her to have a home we will take her on '    I couldn't belive that he would offer to have her as he still is very hurt about Conner so we agreed if she improved so she could walk wihout stumbling he could take her ,we just had to wait
Such a little tough girl she improved over a period of time stumbling less and less
James took her  to live with him and his partner Jayne in Cornwall at 5 months old
Her first visit back to see me 10 months old and  doing great
November 2006
Babysitting Mina
James was going to a 'do' so I had the pleasure of being with Mina for the weekend

It was wonderful she is still tiny walks like John Wayne but has full bowel and bladder control
She is adored and I am happy she has a quality of life we do not know how long it will be for but she lives with Sox , and has a full happy life  plays and is adorable, especially loving
The weekend that we discovered that Mina had her problem Helen and Carl two people who had a dog from rescue phoned as their old boy had had a stroke, he was 11 and they were devastated,I told them about Minnie and after a few days they came to meet her it was love at first sight and Minnie went home to them.
November 2006
Its taken me a long time to put together this web page I must admit it has been such a painful experience I had such high hopes for Mina .Minnie had no milk so I had hand reared her .
She had such a lovely head I thought I had a winner in the making

James has given her the best home ever , Minnie has a lovely home with Ozzie the rescue , she will never be bred from as ofcourse I took her out of our breeding programme .
Even with the Best and Careful planning this can happen.........
All our Bitches are X rayed  for Hemivertebrae  at the first C section any iffy results , the bitch would not be bred from again.
We have tried to use dogs who have been through to Holland as the Dutch screen the dogs very carefully before they allowed to be used at stud .
We have all our dogs as soon as they reach 1 year Health checked to the

Bulldog Breed Councils Health Assessment

Over the years inbetween Conner and Mina I have been ridiculed, tried to be discredited and be removed from any influence I might have on the Health of Bulldogs, which instead of breaking me has made me more determined to work on towards making bulldogs healthier.
Hemivertebrae is not my only concern there are several things with more awareness breeders could try to change .

I have NEVER named and SHAMED anyone although I am accused of such ,why would I when I have even produced this myself ?,even being as careful as possible.
I blame no one                   I know it comes through Genetics                BUT   I believe anyone who produces it more than once should seriously consider screening or changing direction
Vicky Collins-Nattrass    16th November 2006
Visitors to look at Mina